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Editorial Design

is more than just knowing enough about the software to put a pretty picture and text randomly on a page. It’s laying out information so the reader can easily understand it, manipulating typeface styles and choosing images to tell a more meaningful story. These typefaces and images convey a mood, which causes a reaction, an emotion in the reader.

Designs for Growth will work with you to determine the best type and images to tell your story. First we will determine whether illustration or photography tells a clearer story. Then we can either work with your existing photographer or illustrator or select one who’s style achieves your desired look. You will find we clearly communicate the desired results to a photographer or illustrator, including a shot list, and the process flows smoothly. Or if your budget is tight, we can research existing photography or illustration to find the perfect image.

That image and type will be combined with a groundbreaking layout to create a visually compelling article that enhances your connection with the reader. Creating a magazine that stands apart from the others.