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“It’s been a joy working with Christine and Designs for Growth. Their clear and well crafted advice and design work has helped me with my business strategy. They’ve always been on target and many different tasks and I’ve seen business results. I also find Christine very easy to talk and share with. I consider her a trusted advisor and I highly recommend her and Designs for Growth to anyone looking for skilled, professional marketing help.”

“Designs for Growth has been a excellent business partner. I’ve been consistently happy and impressed with the work and guidance I’ve gotten from the company. Christine channels her creativity toward effective business solutions to business problems. I have no doubt that you and your company will strongly benefit from a close working relationship with this outstanding firm.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Design for Growth on several occasions. I am very impressed with Christine’s understanding of design as well as the Internet as a whole, and particularly as a way for me to grow my business in ways I could not have imagined. She truly “gets it.” I’m so relieved that I found a company that can help me grow my own without breaking my bank account in the process.” Hosting & Servers