Editorial Design

Editorial Design is more than randomly placing images and text on a page.

It’s chunking information so the reader can easily understand it, using typeface styles and images to tell a more meaningful story, and causing an emotional response in the reader.

Designs for Growth will work with you to determine the words and images to tell your story. First we will determine whether illustration or photography tells a clearer story. Then we can either work with your existing photographer or illustrator or select one whose style achieves your desired look. You will find we clearly communicate the desired results to a photographer or illustrator, including a shot list, and the process flows smoothly. Or if your budget is tight, we can research existing photography or illustration to find the perfect image.

These images and type will be combined to create a visually compelling article that enhances your connection with the reader. Creating a publication that stands apart from the others.
International Masters Publishers

International Masters Publishers (IMP)

IMP is part of an international group of companies specializing in publishing information and ideas. IMP products include a broad range of publications that contain colorful fact files on varied subjects. Christine Labate, our founder, art directed the print and web design of several family education continuity products, including Aircrafts of the World, At Home with Your PC, Easy Everyday Cooking, Creative Cooks Kitchen, In Classical Mood, HotCars, Secrets of the Universe and Wildlife Explorer.

weekly reader wild thornberries

Weekly Reader Corporation

Weekly Reader, a unit of Reader’s Digest, is a publisher of materials for elementary and secondary schools. Over 90 percent of the school districts in the United States use their materials. Designs for Growth’s founder Christine Labate designed the shown issue featuring the Wild Thornberrys.

Fairfield County Woman’s Magazine

Designs for Growth designed twelve center spreads and wrote a monthly column on technology issues.


International Wrist Watch Magazine

Designs for Growth designed all the editorial and some of the advertorial layouts for 10 issues.