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Bring Your Brand to Life

Designs for Growth creates impactful communications that create measurable and consistent results that build customer loyalty and bring your brand to life.

Our ApproachBring your brand to life

Designs for Growth is a women-owned design and marketing studio that is passionate about boosting businesses.

Our expertise covers strategy, visuals, web, digital, and email marketing. We excel in growth marketing and branding. We swiftly deploy cost-effective strategies to boost your brand, engage your audience, and refine your growth plans.

In today’s fierce marketplace, we know you need a multifaceted approach. Our track record in omni-channel marketing guarantees measurable results, solidifying customer loyalty and giving life to your brand.

Meet Christine Labate: The Growth Maven

Christine Labate, our founder and Business Growth Manager, is your go-to for marketing magic. Her unique approach to communication propels business success.

Key specialties include:

  • Transformative Marketing Funnels: Christine’s strategies propel your services to the forefront, ensuring your business thrives.

  • 25+ Years of Industry Wisdom: Christine combines technical prowess with real-world savvy, rapidly delivering cost-effective solutions.


Professional Excellence

Christine’s three-decade journey encompasses design, branding, identity, packaging, e-commerce, and promotions. She’s your front-end guru, mastering CSS, XHTML, and accessibility over 15 years.

Email Marketing Maestro

With a decade of experience in B2B email campaigns, Christine excels in lead nurturing, automation, and analytics. She’s a pro at CAN-SPAM compliance and Email Marketing Best Practices.

A Diverse Client Palette

From Fortune 100 giants to local gems, Christine has worked her magic across various sectors, including finance, law, and consumer goods. Her tailored strategies guarantee growth and success, regardless of your business size or background.

Christine has an excellent eye for design and is skilled at fine-tuning the message, creating the visuals, and promoting events. We have worked together on several projects, including the Stamford Innovation Center’s “Geeks and Nerds Gala”. Christine designed the event page, postcards, and flyers and effectively promoted the event on social media channels. Her extensive marketing abilities created a unified brand for the event. Christine is a true asset for any positions requiring good design sense.–Sarah Robinson