At Designs for Growth, we’re more than just creatives – We’re your partners in achieving business success.

As a full-service design and marketing studio, our dedication to quality positions us as your ideal collaborator when you’re looking to make significant impact. Whether we contribute to a single project or forge a long-term partnership, we’ll tailor our strategies to seamlessly align with your business needs.

Let’s work together to maximize your brand’s potential.

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Hi! I'm Christine Labate and I am the founder of Designs for Growth, a woman owned, Stamford, CT based business. We are your one stop shop for Graphic Design: print and web, and Digital Marketing: social media and email marketing.

This video describes how we work and who we are. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the video, when a coworker photo bombs. Reach out if you have any questions. Cheers! Christine





Designs for Growth: Elevate Your Business Vision

Like a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, at Designs for Growth our mission is to transform your vision into cutting-edge communication tools. We power long-term business success through creative branding and engaging customer experiences.

Creative Marketing: Grow Ideas into Results

Our marketing strategies propel growth like a seed blossoming into a majestic tree. We don’t just nurture your ideas; we empower them to evolve – ensuring that your business not only stands out, but continually reaches new heights.

Build Brands and Experiences that Inspire

Your business idea holds immense potential when nurtured effectively. Draw upon our expertise in branding, print and web design, and email marketing. Your ideas will shine. Together, we’ll develop a marketing plan that fortifies your brand. Then, we’ll build upon that brand to help your customers achieve their goals. 

Plant Your Marketing Tree for Success

Nurture Your Roots: ResearchStrategyBranding, and Design to bring your business to life.


Research-Driven Brand Strategy

Our journey with your brand begins with deep-dive research. We explore competitor landscapes, industry trends, and audience behaviors to develop narratives that captivate and resonate with your target market.


Strategic Design for Real-World Impact

Impactful design entails more than just pretty pictures. We integrate strategic thinking into our process, to ensure our solutions not only attract, but engage, convert, and retain your customers.


Authentic Brand Identities

A brand comprises more than just its visual representation; it encompasses a narrative that connects with your audience. We guide you through crafting a brand identity that truly reflects your core values and creates meaningful connections with your target customers.


Design Elements that Stand Out

Effective design informs, educates, and persuades your target audience to think – and act. Align your design choices with your purpose, values and audience to create designs that are not only visually appealing, but also deeply meaningful.


Content that Drives Action

Content acts as your brand’s voice. We focus on producing content that’s relevant, focused, and aligned with your brand’s ethos. We aim to create a narrative that resonates with your customers and propels your business goals.


Designs for Growth's impactful communications create measurable and consistent results. Take a look:

Your Full Service Design and Marketing Studio

 From a collaborating on a one-time project to acting as your full-time marketing partner, Designs for Growth can adapt our scope of service to your businesses’ needs. Let’s walk you through ways we can help your business.


From tackling a solo project to becoming your steadfast marketing ally, we flex our business approach to harmonize effortlessly with yours.



As privacy regulations empower customers with increased control over their personal data, traditional print channels are gaining renewed impact. The Designs for Growth team holds decades of experience creating the following collateral types:

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mail
  • Event SWAG
  • Presentations
  • Signs
  • Wearables


Each dollar spent on email marketing has the potential to generate a $36-50 return. Delivering the right content to the right person at the right time is key. As your email marketing partner, Designs for Growth will:

  • Clean and Segment Your Lists
  • Create Content for Emails and Landing Pages
  • Develop Creative Copy
  • Implement Test Messaging and A/B Tests
  • Send, Track and Optimize using Analytics
  • Incorporate Insights for Future Campaigns


An effective website requires proper setup, site architecture, page layout, search engine optimization, blog posts and long form content. Designs for Growth will manage the entire process, providing you with a website designed to capture traffic and leads – then convert them into customers.



Foster an engaging social media presence requires strategic thought about target networks, posting frequency, content format and potential partnerships and monetization opportunities. Designs for Growth will employ a multifaceted approach, incorporating diverse content formats, including visually appealing graphics, informative videos, and engaging written posts, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic online identity.