What is An Email Marketing Audit?

An email marketing audit is a comprehensive assessment of your email marketing strategy. It analyzes campaign performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. We recommend conducting one at least annually at the beginning or end of the year. This audit will help pinpoint issues and enhance deliverability, engagement, conversions, and content relevance to subscribers.

What are the Types of Email Audits?

  • Email Marketing Performance Audit: Examines key performance indicators (KPIs) such as subject lines, preheader text, header, email copy, call to action, graphics, engagement, and conversions.
  • Email Accessibility Audit: Focuses on making emails accessible to everyone, optimizing images, button sizes, and simplifying layouts.
  • Email Deliverability Audit: Evaluates factors affecting email delivery, including authentication, incorrect email IDs, domain reputation, HTML code, blacklisting, spammy elements, spam traps, IP address, and list hygiene.
  • Email Design Audit: Assesses the overall design effectiveness, including layout, graphics, branding, fonts, logo, and white space.
  • Email Code Audit: Ensures email code follows best practices, is clean, and renders well across different email clients.
  • Email Automation Audit: Reviews triggered email campaigns for functionality, checking templates, content, links, and API triggers.

How We Conduct an Email Marketing Audit:

  • Define Your Goals: Break down the audit into manageable tasks, specifying the type of audit and its purpose.
  • Choose Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Select KPIs aligning with audit goals, including metrics like open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more.
  • Track Progress with a Spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet to monitor completed and pending campaigns, recording relevant metrics.
  • Examine Emails and Record Findings: Analyze metrics to identify campaigns deviating from the norm, asking questions about subject lines, design, target audience, and accessibility. Record findings and improvement suggestions.

Following these steps ensures a comprehensive email marketing audit, improving overall campaign performance.